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Sequencing Analysis Support Core LUMC

Contact Details

Leiden University Medical Center

Office: LUMC T6-32

Dr. H. Mei

0031 (0)71 5268498 0031 (0)6 41709231

Hotel Description

SASC is a specialized team at LUMC to support LUMC researchers and clinicians to analyze their Next Generation Sequencing data. SASC team focuses on building scalable, maintainable, user-friendly, reproducible, and flexible data analysis pipelines by selecting and integrating algorithms and tools developed by academic institutes. The current SASC generic pipelines include single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection and annotation, structure variants (Insertions, deletions, translocations) detection, annotation and visualization, gene expression analysis using RNAseq, epigenetics analysis, etc. To address the challenge on data computation and storage, SASC have access to both the LUMC local computer cluster and centralized computing resource hosted by SURFsara (Life Science Grid and HPC cloud). For all data analysis projects performed by SASC, SASC guarantees result reproducibility based on a rigorous project logging standard and backups of data provenance information.
SASC team also has a strong collaboration with several nation-wide expertise platforms on Next Generation Sequencing data analysis: NBIC Next Generation Sequencing Taskforce, DTL/DISC, CTMM/TraIT, BBMRI, Galaxy-WG, SASC expects to adopt and adapt the best practice on data analysis and setting up supporting IT infrastructure verified by these national platforms.

  • Biodiversity & ecology
  • Biomedical & health
  • Industrial biotech
  • Genomics
  • Bio-informatics
  • Big data infrastructure
  • Diagnositic sequencing
  • Cancer genomics
  • Structure variants detection
  • Genomics database
  • Sequencing quality control

Expertise and Track Record

435000026 Development of standard microbial SNP typing pipeline with Prof. dr. E.J. Kuijper (LUMC)

LUMC and in particular LGTC (a current close collaborator of SASC) has been leading the adoption of the NGS technology in the Netherlands. LGTC was one of the first groups using NGS technology and lately the first adopter of 3rd generation sequencers (Helicos in 2011, PacBio in 2012). Thus, SASC has the advantage of leveraging the extensive bioinformatics expertise from LGTC and bring it further to satisfy the ever growing specific requirements from LUMC researchers.
SASC and LGTC have been actively participating the discussion in the NBIC BioAssist program and has established itself as a major knowledge center on NGS data analysis.

Not yet. We mainly focused on Genomics projects.

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  • Chair, DTL/Elixir-NL Galaxy working group
  • Chair, DTL NGS interest group
  • Chair, data management group, BBMRI-BIOS project


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