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SNP Genotyping Facility Institute of Biology Leiden University

Contact Details

Leiden University

PO box 9505 2300 RA Leiden Visiting address: Sylvius Laboratory, Sylviusweg 72, 2333 BE Leiden

Dr. K. Vrieling

0031 (0)71 5275136

Hotel Description

The SNPgenotyping facility of the Institute Biology Leiden is dedicated to SNP genotyping for a broad diversity of projects. For SNP genotyping a high throughput flexible SNP genotyping is available. The equipment is to handle large numbers of individuals ranging from 96 to 10.000 and these can be genotyped for 1 to 1000 SNPs. The genotyping line uses the KASP technique a robust allele specif SNP genotyping method.
The equipment is amongst others ideal for genetic mapping, QTL analysis, paternity analysis, genotype indentification, screening of mutants, estimation of genetic variation, heterozygosity and the screening of known mutants
Similar equipment is only present at large breeding companies in The Netherlands.

  • Agri & Food
  • Biodiversity & ecology
  • Biomedical & health
  • Industrial biotech
  • Other
  • Genomics (NGS)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Population genetic analyses
  • Genetic mapping
  • SNP genotyping
  • Species genotyping
  • Genotype screening

Expertise and Track Record

4350098213 Matching the environment to the genes: identification of genetic determinants of nutrition-dependent health in the fruitfly with prof.dr. B.J. Zwaan (WUR)

This SNP genotyping platform is the only one in a University setting world wide. Similar equipment is present at large breeding companies in The Netherlands. The SNPgenotyping line offers large flexibility in the number of SNPs and the number of samples genotyped.
Data are tracked by a barcoded LIMS system minimizing mistakes of samples and SNP assays. Daily throughput up to 80.000 datapoints.

-SNP discovery, SNP genotyping, genetic mapping and population genetic analyses of watercress (Rorippa species). Ongoing project financed by the University of Tuebingen.
-Conservation genetics of the lion. SNP discovery an genotyping of lions financed bij NWO (Leiden university).
– SNP genotyping hybridization zones in newts and toads. Financed Naturalis Biodiversity Centre
– SNP genotyping of Asobara wasps. Financed by NWO (University of Groningen)
– SNP genotyping of Arabidopsis. Financed by Wageningen University

A number of the SNP genotyping projects do combine the obtained SNP data set for genetic mapping through QTL analysis with phenotypic and metabolomic traits.

  • Rong J, Lammers Y, Strasburg JL, Schidlo NS, Ariyurek Y, de Jong TJ, Klinkhamer PGL, Smulders MJM, Vrieling K. 2014. New insights into domestication of carrot from root transcriptome analyses. BMC Genomics 15:895 doi:10.1186/1471-2164-15-895.
  • Wen Juan Ma. 2014. Evolutionary genetics of Wolbachia-induced parthenogenesis in the parasitoid Asobara japonica: sex determination and sexual decay, Thesis University of Groningen

We have close cooperation with BioIT the bioinformaticians of the IBL.

Hotel Characteristics

  • Dr Klaas Vrieling labmanager 0,5 fte
  • Onno Schaap Technician 1,0 fte
  • Rosario Franco Technician 0,5 fte

70 %

  • SNPline XL LGC genomics see http://www.lgcgroup.com/products/genotyping-instruments/snpline/

No specific standards

Data storage a local server of Leiden University