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Utrechtseweg 48, 3704 HE Zeist

Dr. Anne J. Kleinnijenhuis

+31 6 5281 2449

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Triskelion is specialized in determination of product properties

Together we face global challenges, including how to feed the world’s growing population, how to overcome inequity and at the same time counter climate change and environmental degradation. Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of the solution; people, planet and profit are the driving force, rather than profit only. At Triskelion, as part of First Dutch Innovations (FDI), it all comes together in the “One Health” corporate guiding principle. One Health recognizes that human health, animal health and ecosystems are inextricably linked. Triskelion fully supports this vision by offering related testing and consultancy services to clients active in the pharmaceutical, food, feed and (agro)chemical industries. Together we will drive our mission to improve the human, animal and environmental health by:


“Contributing to safe and sustainably produced food, pharmaceutical and (agro)chemical products.”


A great diversity of analytical services is performed at Triskelion: emergency response (ERS, 24/7), supportive analyses in multidisciplinary studies e.g. using our gastrointestinal models (TIM), analysis of nutrients, method development and validation, metabolites, identification of unknowns and protein LC-MS. To address the often complex research questions typically a stepwise approach is used, consisting of a feasibility study, literature study, method design and development, validation according to particular guidelines (e.g. EMA) or quality systems (GLP), customized validation and study sample analysis.

Triskelion is especially strong in developing sensitive, selective and targeted LC-MS methods to quantify proteins in biological matrices. Triskelion has implemented a multi-modular general workflow for the development of protein LC-MS methods consisting of the following parts:

1. Sample purification / pre-processing

2. Analyte processing

3. LC-MS

4. Target selection and internal standardization strategy.


Methods have been developed to study the behavior of biologicals, such as antibody-drug conjugates, in vivo and to investigate the authenticity of food proteins. Recently, the European organization of gelatin producers (GME) has adopted our quantitative LC-MS method for the determination of collagens with different animal species origin in gelatin, called the TrustGel method.


With an extensive experience, in qualitative structural analysis of proteins and (non-targeted) analysis of protein hydrolysate (metabolites) in TIM and biological matrices to investigate the in vitro and in vivo behavior, we can help you with your research questions. In addition, we are keen on developing (collaborative) demostudies to be able to apply our methodologies in new research areas and to generate disclosable scientific results.

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Expertise and Track Record

The analytical laboratories of Triskelion have high-level and experienced study directors and technicians in biomolecular mass spectrometry and a state-of-the art LC-MS laboratory. Validation of quantitative protein bioanalytical methods is performed according to bioanalytical guidelines and GLP, which ensures the scientific quality and data traceability and integrity.

Demostudy results have been published in (open access) articles. Examples are provided below:

Kleinnijenhuis AJ. Visualization of Genetic Drift Processes Using the Conserved Collagen 1α1 GXY Domain. Journal of molecular evolution 2019; 87: 106-130.

Kleinnijenhuis AJ, van Holthoon FL. Domain-specific proteogenomic analysis of collagens to evaluate de novo sequencing results and database information. Journal of molecular evolution 2018; 86: 293-302.

Kleinnijenhuis AJ, van Holthoon FL, Herregods G. Validation and theoretical justification of an LC-MS method for the animal species specific detection of gelatin. Food Chemistry 2018; 243, 461-467.

Kleinnijenhuis AJ, Ingola M, Toersche JH, van Holthoon FL, van Dongen WD. Quantitative bottom up analysis of Infliximab in serum using protein A purification and integrated µLC-electrospray chip IonKey MS/MS technology. Bioanalysis 2016; 8, 891-904.

Kleinnijenhuis AJ, Toersche JH, van Holthoon FL, Bas RC, van Dongen WD. A generic sample preparation approach for LC–MS/MS bioanalysis of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in serum applied to Infliximab. Journal of Applied Bioanalysis 2015; 1, 26-34

Multidisciplinary projects in the expertise areas Analytical Research, Nutrients, Packaging, TIM (TNO gastroIntestinal Model) and Registration Services & Risk Assessment are performed on a regular basis.

Triskelion mainly performs commercial research projects for international clients from chemistry, food & feed and pharma industry

Hotel Characteristics

> 90%

  • Thermo Q Exactive
  • Sciex QTRAP 6500
  • Waters Xevo TQ-S (x3)
  • Thermo LTQ Orbitrap
  • Waters Vion IMS QToF
  • Waters ionKey

Optional: Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and ISO 17025 (L546).