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Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology

Contact Details

Wageningen University

Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB Wageningen

Jaap Molenaar and Vitor Martins dos Santos

0317 – 486042

Hotel Description

Wageningen Centre Systems Biology for Food, Feed, and Health

Wageningen UR has chosen Systems Biology as one of its focal points and invests considerably in this emerging research field. The Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology (WCSB) for Food, Feed, and Health is the condensation point of all Systems Biology developments at Wageningen UR. With the establishment of the WCSB and the financing of 14 systems biology research projects under its auspices, Wageningen UR aims to become a strategic partner in the field of research in systems biology.
Set up to coordinate all systems biology activities at Wageningen UR, WCSB will be the primary cooperation partner for research centres and industry in this specialist field. The WCSB’s research focuses on the entire spectrum of biological systems, from DNA to ecosystem, and involves topics relevant to plants, digestion and microbes.
The Virtual Modeling Lab forms the heart of WCSB. In this Lab 14 modellers cooperate in developing and analysing models for diversity of projects. The data are generated in projects that run in parallel. The research projects concentrate on three topics: Virtual Plant, Virtual Microbe, and Virtual Gut. The VML researchers and their supervisors involved form a vibrant community of modelers who work closely with experimentalists. The goal of the Centre is to translate successful research into concrete technologies and products.

The WCSB Hotel welcomes requests for cooperation and may provide modelling expertise in the following categories:

  • Learning and predicting how plants respond to stress and the consequences this has for yield and productivity (Virtual Plant)
  • Understanding the functioning of the intestinal tract of mammals in relation to their diet to anticipate or remedy obesity (Virtual Gut)
  • Developing models that can help in the modification of microorganisms for the production of fine chemicals, commodity compounds and energy (Virtual Microbe)
Systems biology
  • Agri & Food
  • Biomedical & health
  • Modelling Plant Processes
  • Modelling of Gut Processes
  • Modelling of Synthetic Biology Processes
  • Plant Sciences
  • Nutrition
  • Synthetic Biology

Expertise and Track Record

  • Expertise in modelling of Plant processes. Wageningen UR forms the focal point for Plant Research in The Netherlands.
  • Expertise in modelling of Nutritional processes, especially gut processes. Wageningen UR has an important position in Nutrition Research in The Netherlands.
  • Expertise in modelling for synthetic Biology. Wageningen UR has an outstanding research tradition in Microbiology in The Netherlands.

Please, go to www.systemsbiology.wur.nl and consult the extensive descriptions of the projects.

WCSB strongly participates in courses on data-integration. We organized such a course end of 2013 and co-organizing and teaching the EraSysApp course on data-intergation in February 2015 in the Lorenz Center in Leiden.

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  • L. Astola et al, Inferring the Gene Network Underlying the Branching of Tomato Inflorescence, PLoS ONE 9(4): e89689. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0089689, 2014

WCSB is partner of the Dutch Systems Biology Community via the Research School BioSB (formerly SB&NL)

Hotel Characteristics

  • The centre is a cooperation of many groups within Wageningen UR and it does not make sense to lsit all the groups involved.

Wageningen UR has a firm tradition in transferring knowledge from the Academy to the thirs parties since Wageningen UR is a merger between Wageningen University and DLO, an institute that is fully involved in contract Research for third parties.

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