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Wageningen Imaging & Spectroscopy Hub

Contact Details

Wageningen University

Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB, Wageningen

Prof. dr. ir. M.E. Janson

0031 (0)317 483493

Hotel Description

The Wageningen Imaging and Spectroscopy Hub (WISH) consists out of four expertise groups that have run their facilities for 10 to 20 years focusing on plant research: Microspectroscopy, Light Microscopy, NMR Imaging and Electron Microscopy. Over the years best practice models for the operation of the various facilities were adapted and the Wageningen NMR Centre has operated successfully as an EU research Infrastructure for transnational access (1994-2009). Specific instrumentation is developed for studying photosynthesis in vivo using ultrafast fluorescence at the level of individual cells and chloroplasts. Advanced confocal microscopes (Spinning disk and CLSM) and many ancillary techniques (FCS, photoactivation, photoablation, life time) are available to study structure and functioning of living cells. Our expertise attracts visiting researchers from all over the world and the same is true for our MRI equipment to visualize and study xylem and phloem flow in living plants. The combined equipment allows studies on plant functioning in an integrative manner over large length and time scales ranging from molecules to whole organisms and nanosecond to weeks. Together we serve about 200 users per year, many from outside our university.

  • Agri & Food
  • Industrial biotech
  • Life imaging setups e.g microfluidics flow chambers, temp and gas control (Nano~,
  • Narashigi micro manipulation and Optical tweezers for physical micromanipulation (Molecular Machines and Ind)
  • Basic Image Processing (ImageJ and Matlab)
  • Spinning disk and laser confocal microscopy (Roper, Andor and Zeiss, Meta)
  • Microdissection microscopy (Leica LMD 7000)
  • Plant Sciences
  • Cell biological research on cytoskeleton-aided pattern formation in model plants Arabidopsis and the moss Physcomitrella pattens
  • Spectroscopic investigation of Energy transfer in Light Harvesting complexes - Photosynthesis
  • Biochemical research on signal transduction pathways in Arabidopsis
  • MRI of xylem and phloem flow in relation to plant water balance and sink-source activities

Expertise and Track Record

4350098205 Microscopic evaluation of capacitance imaging with dr.ir. H.A. Verhoeven (WUR). 435000029 Imaging of nanoparticle uptake by model soil organisms to facilitate environmental risk and safety assessment of engineered nanomaterials with dr. ir. N.W. van den Brink (WUR). 435002015 High throughput live imaging to identify embryogenic cells in culture With Boutelier (PRI).

We are unique in applying advanced imaging technologies to plant research within a multidisciplinary research environment of cell & developmental biologists, (bio-)physicists, biochemists and microbiologists. Advanced instrumentation has been developed for the particular purpose of studying photosynthesis in vivo with the use of ultrafast fluorescence at the level of individual cells and chloroplasts. Our expertise in these technologies is now world-leading and the same is true for xylem and phloem flow with the use of MRI in living tissue, i.e. plants and trees. The MRI facility has operated as an EU research Infrastructure for transnational access (period 1994 – 2009) and has substantial users from EU countries and the US (including access support by NSF grants).
We have worked closely with microscope developers to set up a live cell imaging station that combines spinning disk microscopy, FRAP, Photoactivation and intra cellular photoablation. High resolution data on single cellulose synthase complexes and cytoskeletal dynamics is now acquired using Arabidopsis and the innovative cell biological model system Physcomitrella patens (a moss exhibiting efficient homologous recombination) giving unprecedented mechanistic insight into intracellular patterning in plants. Confocal imaging of plant viral proteins and plant proteins enabled visualization of key structural alterations that allow virus movement from cell to cell. In addition advanced confocal imaging, including fluorescence lifetime measurements, allowed for the unraveling of receptor signal transduction cascades as well as plant development processes. Very recently we have built a unique four-colour TIRF microscope suitable for detecting single fluorescent molecules in-vivo at the plant plasma membrane with unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio and at a high temporal resolution. In addition TIRF has been applied to study protein interactions with the cytoskeleton down to the single molecule level in well-controlled in vitro model systems.

For our recent application to become a EuroBioimaging node we collected over 30 letters of intent from national and European users of our facility. Letters include a description of research that has been conducted at our centre or will be conducted in the near future. These letters are attached to this application (WISH_USER_LOIs.pdf).

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  • D. L. Mullendore, C. W. Windt, H. Van As and M. Knoblauch, "Sieve tube geometry in relation to phloem flow," Plant Cell 22(3), 579-593 (2010)
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  • Braun, M. ; Lansky, Z. ; Fink, G. ; Ruhnow, F. ; Diez, S. ; Janson, M.E. (2011) Adaptive braking by Ase1 prevents overlapping microtubules from sliding completely apart Nature Cell Biology 13 . - p. 1259 - 1264.
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  • Sparkes, I.A. ; Ketelaar, T. ; Ruijter, N.C.A. de; Hawes, C. (2009) Grab a Golgi: Laser trapping of golgi bodies reveals in vivo Interactions with the endoplasmic reticulum Traffic 10 (5). - p. 567 - 571.

The WISH group is part of NL-BioImaging (Marcel Janson, is member of the decision making body, the National Steering Committee ). In the first selection round Euro-Bioimaging Nodes the WISH was classified as highly recommended Imaging Centre.

Hotel Characteristics

  • 4 fte lab managers
  • 3 fte dedicated technicians
  • 1 postdoc

20% service to third parties compared to internal WUR clients

  • equipment main supplier name TCSPC                     Leica STREAK                       MP-FLIM                         mm-CLSM               Zeiss CLSM/micro injection       Zeiss en MMI META LSM510 sm-FRET / STORM           CLSM/FCS                       Leica SEM                                 Jeol TEM                               Philips Spinning Disk                       Andor Revolution TIRF                                     Nikon TIRF Ti Liquid Crystal Polarization   Zeiss LC polscope LF-MRI                           3T MRI                                

No long term storage is provided. Free server access is available for data transfer to users.