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WUR clinical and research MRI facility

Contact Details

Wageningen University & Research, Shared Research Facilities

Willy Brandtlaan 10, 6716 RP Ede

Edda Neuteboom, Dr. Paul Smeets


Hotel Description

CAT-AgroFood offers the use of a state-of-the-art high-field MRI scanner (3T Siemens Magnetom Verio) for structural and functional MRI (fMRI). This MRI scanner can be used for (clinical) diagnostics as well as fundamental or applied research. All body parts can be visualised in 3D or even 4D (3D in time). Dedicated coils are available for various body parts. Our MRI scanner is located at the Gelderse Vallei Hospital in Ede.

CAT-AgroFood offers the following facilities for administering stimuli or tasks for functional MRI studies:
– Visual stimulation: high quality presentation (via back-projection) from our stimulus PC or a laptop. This enables one to have subjects perform different tasks while being scanned. E.g., neuropsychological tasks, reward tasks, product evaluation, product choice. In addition several MRI-compatible (optical) button boxes are available, among others for obtaining subjective ratings (VAS scores) or reaction times. For this rear projection, a mirror is mounted on the head coil, which gives the participant a stable visual experience.
– Taste stimulation (gustometer): A computer-controlled gustometer equipped with 8 programmable syringe pumps for accurate and controlled administration of taste stimuli.
– Odour stimulation (olfactometer): A 8-channel olfactometer for accurate and controlled administration of odours to participant. This instrument can be used in combination with our 3T MRI for functional MRI studies.
– Audio / sound stimulation: MRI-compatible headphones of MR Confon that can be used in combination with the Siemens 12 and 64-channel head coils. The maximum sound pressure level is around 90 dB with frequency range from 300 to 12000 Hz. Intended for use in functional neuroimaging studies employing sound/speech or video stimuli.

Medical imaging
  • Agri & Food
  • Biomedical & health
  • Other
  • Food technology; production of dedicated foods.
  • Biological sample/hormone analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Brain function
  • Metabolism
  • Obesity
  • Food digestion

Expertise and Track Record

– Administration of taste and odour stimuli during fMRI
– Measurement of gastric digestion and gastric emptying

– Combining gastric MRI and brain MRI

Participation in FOCOM, Food and Cognition Model systems, http://www.focom-project.net/

Hotel Characteristics


  • 3T Siemens Magnetom Verio MRI scanner with 32-channel head coil
  • Burghart olfactometer OL023 2x8 channels
  • 8-channel gustometer
  • MR Confon audio system
  • BIOPAC MP150 system for recording of pulse, heart rate and breathing