ELIXIR-NL hosts Software & Data Carpentry event

On 22-25 June 2015 ELIXIR-NL hosted the second event in the ELIXIR Software and Data Carpentry Pilot in Utrecht. The event included a introduction to data & software carpentry, a hackaton for training materials and a workshop. Read more

First Bring Your Own Template (BYOT) meeting

The first Bring Your Own Template (BYOT) meeting, organised by DTL/ELIXIR-NL, BioMedBridges, the FAIRport initiative, BBMRI-NL, CTMM/TraIT, focussed on preparation for sharing and integration of data structures used for data capture, also known as ‘data templates’. This was motivated by a range of related activities in the space of ‘experimental data mapping and pooling’, in particular EU-BioMedBridges model registry, EU-BioSHaRE/DataSHaPER… Continue reading

Linked data and ontologies tutorial

Marco Roos (LUMC) created a tutorial on how research that requires analyses across different data sources can be sped up using Linked Data and Ontologies. It starts with an example of a researcher who wishes to compare information from three Huntington’s Disease population studies. She finds herself spending most of her time on aligning the data from these three resources,… Continue reading