The first Data4lifesciences symposium: a report

On 11 September 2017, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht hosted the very first Data4lifesciences symposium. D4LS Programme Manager Dr Jan-Willem Boiten: “This symposium was an important milestone for the programme; we presented an overview of our first results.” The NFU programme Data4lifesciences (D4LS) aims to realise an integrated research data infrastructure for biomedical research at the Dutch UMCs. DTL is actively involved… Continue reading

25 October: Research Data Alliance webinar ‘What happened in the Montréal Plenary’

On Wednesday 25 October 2017, 14:00 CEST / 12:00 UTC, a Research Data Alliance webinar will present the main outcomes from the 10th RDA Plenary meeting held in Montréal, Canada. The presenters are Dr Ingrid Dillo, Dr Francoise Genova, and PhD student Amy Mizen. Read more. The webinar will present the main outcomes from the 10th RDA Plenary meeting. Dr. Ingrid Dillo will give a presentation titled “What… Continue reading

Working on data stewardship? Meet your peers on 1 December!

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) and UKB working group Research Data are organising a networking meeting for colleagues working in the new data professions on 3 October 2017. Ingeborg Verheul of the LCRDM: “The 3 October event is fully booked. We are now preparing a similar but larger event on 1 December 2017. Information about the programme… Continue reading

Groningen Techcentre for Life Sciences: towards the first local DTL

DTL is a network of Dutch life sciences professionals that jointly develop an interconnected research infrastructure. Our focus is on FAIR data treatment, accessible high-end technologies, and expert training: Data, Technologies, and Learning. People at Groningen University and UMCG are now establishing a local version of the national DTL network. Dr Morris Swertz, Dr Salome Scholtens, and Dr Marina de… Continue reading

Overview research data management in the Netherlands

DTL partner DANS has published an overview of the current state of affairs of research data management in the Netherlands. The overview is the English translation of a chapter on research data management in ‘Handboek Informatiewetenschap‘ that was written by Marnix van Berchum (Huygens ING) and Marjan Grootveld (DANS). The text looks at national developments in higher education and science, using the various… Continue reading

Looking back: ELIXIR-CHARME Workshop ‘FAIR Data and Data Stewardship in ELIXIR: How to write your own FAIRy tale

On 23 March 2017, the ELIXIR Interoperability and Training Platforms organised an ELIXIR-CHARME Workshop ‘FAIR Data and Data Stewardship in ELIXIR: How to write your own FAIRy tale’ at the ELIXIR All Hands meeting in Rome. The organisers were Chris Evelo and Celia van Gelder of ELIXIR-NL. Download the presentations. The workshop was organised in a collaboration between the ELIXIR interoperability and… Continue reading

Creating a Bioinformatics and Data Stewardship Service Center: a report of the Focus Meeting

On 9 March 2017, DTL organised a Focus Meeting ‘Creating a Bioinformatics and Data Stewardship Service Center’. The meeting established a dialogue among the bioinformaticians that are involved in setting up or managing a bioinformatics facility at their institute. An important goal of the meeting was to ensure we do not all develop different approaches to data stewardship and do not waste… Continue reading

From data to impact: a roadmap towards a data-driven agri & food sector

Earlier this year, DTL, TKI Agri & Food, and TIFN conducted a survey among stakeholders in the Agri & Food sector in collaboration with DTL partner EdgeLeap. The survey aimed to make an inventory of current and future practices and needs for data storage, handling and analysis. The outcomes uncovered emerging trends across different sectors and organisations. “This inventory is… Continue reading

Hands-on workshop on data management tools for translational research: a report

On 15 November 2016, TraIT, BBMRI-NL, and DTL co-organised a workshop about data management tools for translational research. The session was part of a Partnerships MeetUp, organised by Lygature. Workshop participants gained hands-on experience in biomedical translational data management, data sharing and associated infrastructures. BBMRI-NL, DTL and TraIT co-organised five busy and lively mini-workshops in collaboration with experts from their partners, notably Erasmus… Continue reading

Data handling: what’s in a name?

There currently is a lack of consensus about the nomenclature of various concepts in the field of data handling. This regularly gives rise to confusion. A number of people involved in the Data4lifesciences programme have generated a list of terms and definitions related to data handling. The team would appreciate your feedback on the list. Links to the terms and… Continue reading