From data to impact: a roadmap towards a data-driven agri & food sector

Earlier this year, DTL, TKI Agri & Food, and TIFN conducted a survey among stakeholders in the Agri & Food sector in collaboration with DTL partner EdgeLeap. The survey aimed to make an inventory of current and future practices and needs for data storage, handling and analysis. The outcomes uncovered emerging trends across different sectors and organisations. “This inventory is… Continue reading

Hands-on workshop on data management tools for translational research: a report

On 15 November 2016, TraIT, BBMRI-NL, and DTL co-organised a workshop about data management tools for translational research. The session was part of a Partnerships MeetUp, organised by Lygature. Workshop participants gained hands-on experience in biomedical translational data management, data sharing and associated infrastructures. BBMRI-NL, DTL and TraIT co-organised five busy and lively mini-workshops in collaboration with experts from their partners, notably Erasmus… Continue reading

Data handling: what’s in a name?

There currently is a lack of consensus about the nomenclature of various concepts in the field of data handling. This regularly gives rise to confusion. A number of people involved in the Data4lifesciences programme have generated a list of terms and definitions related to data handling. The team would appreciate your feedback on the list. Links to the terms and… Continue reading

Please fill in the national survey on research data management

Please provide your opinion in a national survey on Research Data Management (RDM). This survey is organised by the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM), a national initiative in which many DTL partners participate. The questionnaire will require about ten minutes of your time. You will receive the results, enabling you to compare your RDM practices with those of… Continue reading

How to create a respectable research data management plan

On 23 June 2016, DTL data programme manager Rob Hooft presented the webinar ‘Creating a good research data management plan’. The lecture was recorded and can be viewed on the Elsevier publishing campus. Increasingly, funders require researchers to submit a research data management plan (DMP) when they apply for a grant. A DMP is a document describing how data will… Continue reading

DTL works on data stewardship support

Data stewardship, the long-term and sustainable care for research data, is a hot topic. Funders and research institutes increasingly demand adequate data stewardship plans. But researchers are struggling with the demands. DTL Data Programme Manager Rob Hooft: “Data stewardship has become an essential part of contemporary research, but it is also becoming one of the biggest challenges. The development of proper practices for data… Continue reading

How to create a good research data management plan – Webinar on 23 June

On Thursday 23 June, DTL and Elsevier will jointly organise the webinar ‘How to create a good research data management plan’. The webinar will address the following topics: What is a data management plan? When do you need a data management plan? Why is research data management important? What are the FAIR principles? Dr Rob Hooft, Technical coordinator of ELIXIR-NL, will answer these questions… Continue reading

Data stewardship a selection criterion in Enabling Technologies Hotels call

For the first time, ZonMw and NWO-ALW included data stewardship as a selection criterion in a call for proposals. Applicants in the recent “Enabling Technologies Hotels” call were asked to complete a data stewardship section as part of their project proposal.  Sander Hougee, programme officer at ZonMw: ‘At ZonMw we believe that data generated with public money should be made… Continue reading