Health~Holland launches online portal, a gateway to the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector

Health~Holland, the brand name and communication channel of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, recently launched a portal on This online gateway serves as the central information hub for life sciences and health SMEs and other organisations in the Netherlands and internationally . The portal’s content focuses on the Top Sector’s priorities, including finance, public-private partnerships, crossovers and… Continue reading

Urgent plea for big biology software development

Several authors from DTL partners UMC Utrecht (Pjotr Prins, Edwin Cuppen) and UMCG (Ritsert Jansen), together with a.o. Phil Bourne (NIH) wrote an urgent plea in Nature Biotechnology for effective big biology software development. The authors stress the importance of acknowledging that software development is an integral part of research and not just an underpinning method. Projects and universities need to promote… Continue reading

DTL PAC welcomes Prof. Marten Smidt as Uva PAC Member

Marten Smidt, professor of Molecular Neuroscience, was recently appointed director of University of Amsterdam’s Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS). He is responsible for leading the Molecular Neuroscience research team at SILS, and closely involved with education at the Faculty of Science in his capacity as programme director of the Neurobiology cluster. Marten Smidt will succeed Prof. Willem Stiekema as a… Continue reading

Open PHACTS wins Linked Open Data award

Recently, Open PHACTS, the knowledge management project of IMI, was awarded first prize in the Linked Open Data Award category of the European Linked Data Contest (ELDC). Open PHACTS is an international 30 member consortium, with the VU, University of Maastricht, LUMC, and the former NBIC as Dutch contributors. DTL’s industrial partners The Hyve, Phortos Consultants and Micelio are amongst the 50+ associated partners of the project.  The Open PHACTS… Continue reading

Barend Mons appointed Chair of European Commission’s high level expert group on ‘European Open Science Cloud’

Professor Barend Mons has been appointed Chair of the Commission High Level Expert Group “European Open Science Cloud”, initiated by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation. Barend Mons is professor in Biosemantics at the Human Genetics department of Leiden University Medical Center, is Head of Node for ELIXIR-NL at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences, Integrator Life Sciences at the Netherlands… Continue reading

DTL participates in NFU Data4lifesciences programme

Earlier this year, the university medical centres (UMCs) opted for a joint approach to set up a high quality research data infrastructure; Data4lifesciences. Under the coordination of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), DTL collaborates with national programmes such as CTMM-TraiT, BBMRI-NL, Parelsnoer, AcZie, Mondriaan and SURF to work towards the implementation of a shared research data infrastructure for biomedical… Continue reading

DTL Health care data team extended with two people

Recently, two people have joined the DTL Health Care Data Team: Péter Horvatovich (RUG) has joined the team to intensify the contacts to national and international proteomics projects in health care Stefan Klein (Erasmus MC) will represent the clinical imaging community and is directly involved in the development of the XNAT software used in TraIT. The Health Care Data Team… Continue reading

Competition online visualisations Dutch Science Agenda

Recently, the Dutch Science Agenda announced a public call for the submission for questions to science. In the Dutch Science Agenda the themes and research questions that science will focus on in the coming years are being brought together. A total of 11,700 questions have been submitted, which have been clustered in 250 overarching themes. To disclose the material collected… Continue reading

Outreach activities at Dutch Technology week

During the Dutch Technology week in Eindhoven Bioinformatics@school / Bioinformatica in de klas (the Nijmegen DNAlab on the road) and CTMM set up an exhibition on DNA. Visitors could isolate their own DNA, calculate the amount of DNA in their own body, build molecules out of candy, and get acquainted with 3D- visualization. DNA labs on the road is a… Continue reading